Protection of personal data

We have created this privacy policy to demonstrate our company’s commitment to securing personal data in accordance with Art. 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/03. The policy describes how we collect and use information furnished by those who use our service.

  1. Collected data
    Any collected Personally Identifiable Data (PID) defining information that might be directly associated to the final user (Name, e-mail address), or any data concerning such activities directly connected to the offered. We collect this information as follows:

Through direct contact with or affiliated or partner sites, where such data are entered directly by the user, in the context of promotional offers or purchase of a product. In this case, the HTTPS secure mode is an indispensable and safe tool for the transfer of financial data to the bank, credit card numbers for example. When you register to purchase online, to receive a newsletter or even click on an URL, preferences, interests or any and all types of data concerning the user may be recorded.

1.2 Data retrieved by our online technology.
The sites collect data on the visited pages. Certain webpages use cookies to automatically collect data; one or more user cookies (a small text file containing a character string) may be installed for the sole purpose of identifying and tracing “markers” (electronic images, also called tracking pixels or transparent GIFs) in order to identify the vendor’s cookie on the computer when visiting a webpage, or an advertisement placed by third parties or via e-mail.

The IP address is noted for anti-fraud purposes, while cookies, markers or other similar technologies make it possible to record information concerning:
O Internet Protocol address (IP)
O Used browser
O Operating system
O Reference sites (last site visited)
O Date and time of visit
O URL of the pages visited
O Other browsing behaviour

Most web browsers allow for the deleting and blocking of cookies and markers. If this function is enabled, all connections and passwords to access certain pages of our site must be repeated, in order to allow access to general information beyond that specifically related to the user’s interests.

  1. Use of the collected data
    We use PID to provide information and support for our offers and services, to better understand customer needs and interests, to develop and improve our products and services, and to personalise our communications in order to:
    – facilitate promotions, services, relevant products concerning the vendor and other affiliated third-party sites.
    – dispatch and manage orders
    – create and manage accounts
    – create projects and marketing research
    – analyse the use of our products and services.
    – personalise content and advertisements
    – monitor our services in order to identify and prevent non-authorised content and violations of our terms of use
    – facilitate planning and forecasting
    – ensure adherence to law
    – prevent fraud and prohibited or illegal activities
  2. Sharing / passing on of PID
    * with/to companies affiliated with the vendor for the purpose of maintaining business and market-related procedures
    * with/to our service suppliers and others using the information only on our behalf and at our request
    * with/to of the governmental agencies to ensure adherence to laws or to all other organs responsible for the use and transmission of such data in addressing legal proceedings, governmental investigations or all other issues involving legal statutes.
    * with the buyer, in case of compromised data.
    * with third parties for valid business reasons with acceptance and consent.
    * We will not communicate the PID to any third party if the user does not so wish
    * If concrete concerns arise regarding a possible violation of our Terms and Conditions of use, we may also communicate any information recorded on our site in order to ensure its defence
  3. Information and choice
    In this document we provide information on the use of the PID, our webpages and other areas in which we collect information. The user is entirely free to decide for or against the communication of PID data. Any such decision against the communication of any such necessary information shall exclude the possibility of profiting from offers, options, operations and services requiring an exact PID. If you choose to receive personalised messages, newsletters, or promotional communications via e-mail, you can decide to suspend the dispatch of such messages or to unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions indicated in all our communications.
  4. Other modes of transmission
    Any personal data exchanged with third parties is only allowed if the latter can demonstrate a sufficient level of protection to allow the sharing of the data in question.
  5. Security
    The vendor uses administrative methods, techniques and physical backup facilities to maintain security, confidentiality and the entirety of the PID against loss, abuse, non-authorised access, sharing, alteration or destruction. We also use standard safety protocols and technical methods to ensure the secure transmission of sensitive data such as credit card information.
  6. Access to data
    A service is provided to users allowing them to correct, modify or delete personal PID data, and made available in cases where data are inaccurate or inappropriate.
  7. Modifications of the confidentiality policy
    Please note that these procedures may be modified from time to time. The rights of the users described heretofore shall not be limited and all updates shall be communicated and published in this document.